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We have some amazing attractions planned for the For The Love Of Horror 2019 event! The question is... are you brave enough to explore them?

Stay tuned for details of even more props and sets...

The Lost Boys


Any Lost Boys reunion would not be complete without the famous fairground where David and the rest of the Lost Boys stalk their prey on the boardwalk of Santa Carla... Dare you ride our carousel, mini rollercoaster or ghost train... we think you will find it to be FANGtastic fun (insert groan here)!

House of 1000 Corpses

Museum of M&M

Howdy folks! You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature? Well then, come on down to Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen. See the Alligator Boy, ride my famous Murder Ride. Most of all, don't forget to take home some of my tasty fried chicken! Ha ha! It just tastes so damn good!


It's A Trap!

The traps in the Saw films are undoubtedly some of the series' biggest stars, deadly by design and genius in execution. This terrifying Water Cube Trap from Saw V is a highly detailed replica of the one from the film made by Captain Jacks Prop Shack and we know  for sure that you will love it - which is more than we can say for Peter Strahm...

Photo Op

The Possessed Posse

Sweet dreams to you who dare take a seat on the bed with the Possessed Posse. Regan is joined by Valak and lovely Annabelle on the bed of nightmares... they just require a soul... will it be yours...?

Scream Seekers Scare Shack

The Scream Seekers are BACK!

DARE TO BE SCARED! Prices £10pp prices may vary throughout the weekend. **WARNING** 18+ there will be verbal language, nudity & touching but no touching of any kind to actors or props will be tolerated - Shows will be toned down for under 18's.

Phantom Chase

Ghost Train

Scary enough to give you goosebumps but not so scary that it can’t still be enjoyed by all members of the family our Phantom Chase Ghost Train is ready and waiting to thrill our guests, as they are hurtled through floors of bone-chilling thrills on this ghostly dark ride. 

The Lost Boys

Santa Carla Sign

Welcome To Santa Carla, a beautiful seaside haven, full of sand, sea, surf, fun, death, blood, the undead and a surprising amount of missing people... What? No ice cream...?

Child's Play

Friends 'Til The End!

Chucky is back and he still wants to be your best friend! ​Now you can sit on the Toy Block Chair made by Captain Jacks Prop Shack, along with everyone's favourite Good Guy for those totally unique photos and videos! As always, there are a few surprises built in that any fan of the film franchise will want to experience!


Billy the Puppet

Billy has become the biggest star of the Saw franchise, appearing, as any good mascot should, in every film and video game etc. Our prop version made by Captain Jacks Prop Shack will come complete with moving eyes and mouth and of course Billy's little tricycle, but don't try to steal it, he may offer to play a game with you...


Oct 31st Is Halloween

Pose in front of the Halloween set door made by Captain Jacks Prop Shack... think you're safe? Think that door is locked...? What's that shadow? What's that sound.... What is that behind you!!!!

For The Love Of Horror Hour LIVE!

Making their onstage debut at this years convention is FTLOH Live, our weekly show hosted by horror addicts Neil Hibbert and Ben Fenlon. A pair of convention veterans, part time journalists and fearless adventurers, Ben and Neil deliver a hilarious mix of news, reviews, features and more making FTLOH Live a must see weekly show for fans of Horror! 

IT The Miniseries

Screen Worn Costume

"Oh, yes... They float, Georgie... They float... and when you're down here with me... YOU FLOAT TOO!"


You'll wish you could float... AWAY as you come face to face with the actual screen-used Pennywise costume as worn by the one and only Tim Curry in IT: The Miniseries...



The Bathroom is a fictional location from the Saw franchise, as well as the main location of the first Saw film - at this point, it's almost as famous as Jigsaws traps having appeared in no less than FIVE of the franchise's films and we could think of no better place to take photos! Just don't leave any limbs on the floor please.

The Raven Clan

Post-Apocalyptic School

When the world ended the Raven Clan took up the calling to teach the world how to survive. Travelling out from their native soggy Wales they began to take Raven Corpse HQ across the UK to help survivors learn essential new skills to live in the new world. Complete daily challenges to become a Raven Corpse initiate...

Twilight Ghost Hunts Workshops

Twilight Ghost Hunts will be providing FREE workshops all weekend, demonstrating and discussing our paranormal equipment, techniques, events, experiences, ghost stories and much more! Tarot readings will also be available to book on the day...

Pandoras Box

Mini Zoo

Ever wanted to cuddle a snake or get kisses from a skunk? The Pandora's Box Mini Zoo is for you... From mysterious owls, gorgeous snakes, Digby the lovable Canadian skunk, beautiful tarantulas, and fascinating vinegaroons, there are so many animals to enthrall and delight, and it's all free! Although donations to the cause are ALWAYS welcome!