For The Love Of Horror



One of the highlights of any Monopoly Events convention or show and something that sets us apart from other conventions is the huge range of life-size props and set builds, put together especially for each event by our hardworking team members for you to enjoy COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!


Yes folks, you heard us correctly, if you want a photo with any of our props, then you go ahead and take one, everything is included in the price of admission!


To help celebrate the next For the Love of Horror, we have some amazing attractions planned for your entertainment - but more details will be released closer to the date for those.

Last year at For the Love of Horror 2019, we had some amazing props to grab your attention! We had the enormous Santa Carla billboard recreated especially for the event, and we featured some great props through the event such as Regan's bed from The Exorcist (complete with possessed Regan), the water trap from Saw, Childs Play electric chair were just some more of the great props we had at the event. We also had some fantastic set builds put into place for our visitors and celebrity guests alike including the cave set from The Lost Boys, The Museum of Monsters and Madmen from House of 1000 Corpses, and the bathroom set from Saw.

Our horrific live actor scare maze was, for the second year running, a huge success and provided all who dared to venture within its walls with terrifying thrills galore and we threw a party like no other, with live music put on for our visitors from none other than Tim Cappello and G Tom Mac of Lost Boys fame and a Misfits tribute band!


On top of that, we had aisles and aisles of horrific treats in our Trader Hall, Ghost Hunting, a spooky petting zoo, and a full funfair and street food area. Finally, we took care of chill time with the World Famous Cantina Space Bar, specially redesigned to suit some of our vampire guests where everyone could relax with some murderous scum and villainy and a pint of blood!


Watch this page for more 2020 announcements for For the Love of Horror 2021 and get your tickets NOW!