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For The Love Of Horror

FOR THE LOVE OF HORROR is part of the Monopoly Events family of pop culture conventions, attracting over ten thousand fans annually to our home venue, Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester. The main attraction every year is of course the star guests, and we always endeavour to bring you a variety of then most exciting names in the horror genre! In previous years For the Love of Horror has been proud to host the likes of Nick Castle, Corey Taylor, Kiefer Sutherland, David Arquette, Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard and Tim Curry!


Our ‘For the Love of’ brands are much more genre focussed that our standard conventions with all the attractions targeted for that audience. At our horror show as well as having the chance to meet your heroes, get an item signed or a photo, most guests will also appear live on stage so you’ll get to hear directly about their new projects and previous roles.


Outside of the celebs you can get your picture taken with some of our horror specific props and set builds; ride on our outdoor ghost train or browse through the unique gifts in our trader and artist areas with a large show floor for the perfect shopping experience for everyone in this community. Many guests come in cosplay, with some stunning and creative outfits from dozens of classic and current horror movies and franchises.


The shared fandoms and sense of community is central to everything we do. Fans from all over the UK come together every year to share their passion at a festival of horror related fun. A place they can find and bond with like-minded individuals who share their interests.


We’ll continue to grow and evolve this event as a place you can celebrate your horror fandoms, discover new ones and most of all have fun!


To view our current guest line up for our next show, visit the GUESTS page.

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