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Autograph Send-In Service


Missing For the Love of Horror? Desperately want an autograph from one of your favourite guests? Don't worry! Monopoly Events offer a special Autograph Send-In Service where you can get your item or a regular photograph signed and sent out to you at home!



Our fantastic and unique autograph pre-order and send in service for those of you that cannot make it to the event but still want signed mementos from the guests. We have a dedicated team on the day of the comic convention or event to help and organise your orders and you can send in the items that you want to be signed, or we can source a picture of the guest for you with your own personalised message, so you need not send anything in.


For any autographs, we charge the same rate for the autograph that we charge on the day for that particular guest, with a £10 handling fee on top. If you would like your item personalised with a quote from the guest this is included in the price but cannot be guaranteed. Some guests can charge premiums for quotes and character names depending on the guest.

* PLEASE NOTE, While we will make every effort to get quotes signed we cannot always guarantee this due to time constraints and other issues.


Postage costs will vary depending on the size of the item and location of the receiver. All items will be sent with a tracking number. Flat rates for sending packages within the UK will be between £3-£6. You will be sent a postage quote for larger items or overseas customers once they have been weighed and we know the return address.


Whilst the utmost care is always taken with everything that is sent to us, please note that all items are sent at the owners own risk, Monopoly Events nor any of its team members cannot be held responsible for any damages that could be caused during the process, and we therefore strongly advise that you insure your items prior to shipping them to us. Please note that if you are sending items from overseas, if the product value is over £15 it will carry an import tax charge which is payable by the customer. All Items will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of the event giving the Monopoly Events autograph team enough time to securely package the items. In the event of a guest cancellation, any monies already paid will be refunded after the event.


Please email our signing team at to arrange your autograph send-in. Please include as much information as you can about the item you want to be signed, including photos, item descriptions and details about whom you would like it signed by, pen colour, signature placement, etc. This will streamline the process and make it much quicker for us to arrange your signing. If you are sending in please ensure your name is written on the back of any product you send in and/or taped onto packaging along with a sticky note with colour, placement and any inscriptions you would like. If you can put the return address inside too that would be a big help in getting the items back to you as fast as we can finished.

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