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Horror Cosplayers

As always at Monopoly Events we are joined by our loyal Cosplayers, and we have numerous pro cosplayers visiting For The Love Of Horror 2019 in many different horror cosplays, why not come and say hi and grab a selfie! Just don't get bitten...


The antagonist that over arches the conjuring universe....


Your name gives me dominion over you, demon, and I do know your name! You are Valak - the defiler, the profane, the marquis of snakes! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I condemn you back to Hell!

Can you condemn Valak.... doubt it...


Ben is a Cosplayer from South Wales. He Cosplays many characters including, David (Lost Boys), Jason (Freddy Vs. Jason), Pennywise (IT), Darth Maul (Star Wars), Johnny (Cobra Kai), Deadpool and Michael Myers (Halloween) amongst others. Ben has been Cosplaying for a number of years all around the UK and has guested at various cons and won a few Cosplay competitions too. He will be stalking his prey at FTLOF so come and say hi, try some free Noodles and grab a selfie...


Say Howdy... Captain Howdy or Pazuzu to be precise... Knowing the name can give you power over the demons...


No exorcism is left without casualties... poor sweet Regan... straight from the exorcist... wants you to sit with her....

Sooth her and she won't hurt you...



The Pennywises

Dawn from South Wales has been Cosplaying for a number of years all around the UK as Pennywise from the 2017 Movie IT and has guested at various events all around the UK.


Her costume has won a number of Cosplay competitions in the last couple of years.


So come and grab a selfie if you dare.


You'll all float with Pennywise


Miss Me... Miss Me...

Miss Me... Miss Me... Miss Me...


This demonic vessel is used to terrorise its victims and ensnare the souls of the weak-willed...


She WANTS a soul. She NEEDS a soul... She will stalk you, manipulate you until you do her bidding and she gets what she wants...



Beastly Costumes

Nemesis comes to us all the way from the Umbrella Lab in Northern Ireland.


He on the hunt for Monopoly S.T.A.R.S. and is also known as Paul... Paul likes to cosplay a variety of characters from Disney's beast, deadpool and of course Nemesis. Paul loves to volunteer his spare time to cosplay for alot if charities with his #wishfamily but expects to hunt you for photos at For the Love of Horror...

THIS IS A PUBLIC WARNING! There have been reports of escaped inmates from The Geek Asylum heading towards the event known as For The Love Of Horror - if you see ANY of these characters DO NOT APPROACH!


They are considered EXTREMELY dangerous and the proper authorities should be contacted right away at THE GEEK ASYLUM...

Inmate Kerry

This is Kerry, one of the "Wardens" from The Geek Asylum. She’ll be bringing her Annie Wilkes for a “smashing” time at FTLOH. She says she’s our number one fan, so that’s nice..... 

Inmate Andy

Inmate Andy is a big horror fan, counting “Devils Rejects” amongst his favourite movies. Vote for Spaulding on Saturday, but don’t go camping with him on Sunday!

Inmate Robin

Meet Robin. He will be bringing Krampus on the Saturday to dispose of any naughty people ahead of the festive season, and on Sunday meet Zombie Opossum Sykes - the best dressed undead around!

Inmate Tom

Inmate Tom will be releasing two of his zombie personas to the rest of the horde. The zombie groom will be taking his beautiful zombie bride down the aisle before eating all the guests! The zombie doctor will also be on call to take your pulse and then rip out your jugular!

Inmate Leigh

Inmate Leigh is bringing her version of Silent Hill’s red nurse Lisa Garland, complete with torn out eyes and plenty of blood. Then in contrast on the Sunday, she’ll be debuting a brand new cosplay of Repo! The Genetic Opera’s very own face stealing deviant sweetheart, Pavi Largo!

Inmate Cheryl

This is Cheryl, inmate at The Geek Asylum. She’ll be bringing her Zombie Bride to FTLOH on Saturday, stalking the halls looking for her groom. On Sunday, she will be the Voodoo Queen, and she does not tolerate insubordination, so beware...

Inmate Peachy

Inmate Peachy is a talented cosplay/makeup/SFX artist. She’ll be bringing hell on Earth to FTLOH with her very own latex-clad Pinhead cosplay. Dare you open the box? Pain has a face, allow her to show it to you.

Inmate Jabe

Inmate Jabe is a cosplay newbie, but has already made his mark in scare-acting! Over the weekend you’ll see him as a medic after one hell of a rough shift, but he will remain open for consultations and maimings at FTLOH.

Inmate's YNUK

Travis, Scott and Simon are the Geek Asylum’s hunters from You’re Next UK.
They will be stalking the halls at FTLOH on Sunday for their next victims... could YOU be Next?

Inmates Spirit & Soul

Inmates Spirit & Soul will be lurking around somewhere At FLTOH, stalking the stalls, or hiding behind you. And on the Sunday they will transform into zombies. Look out for young Layla as well who joins these two and plays a multiple of characters including Little Red Riding Hood.

Inmate Andy

Inmate Andy Turner is appearing as two completely contrasting cosplays! His Silent Hill nurse is incredible, and there’s a particular love for his rarely-seen “They Live” costume! Don’t be afraid to ask for a pic!

Inmate Jim

This is Jim, who is bringing Bubba from “Nailgun Massacre” and Harry Warden from “My Bloody Valentine 3D”. He can’t wait to see you all at FTLOH - posing for pics, making friends, getting to know you, killing you with tools of various kinds... 

Inmate Vez

Inmate Vez has been a talented creative cosplayer for several years. Look out for her weird & wonderful Piggy and Fishman over the weekend at FTLOH!

Inmate Louis

Inmate Louis is bringing along his highly popular Michael Myers, from the latest hit installment in the Halloween franchise. Michael is back home this October, to stalk the halls of FTLOH and claim his next victims. 

Inmate Mike

Warden Mike of the Geek Asylum will be clowning around on Saturday! Find him on Sunday in his bizarre guise of the butche... we mean, “Doctor” Gein. It’s an appointment you’ll be DYING to keep...