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G Tom Mac

Appearing All Weekend

Gerard Thomas McMahon, also known as Gerard McMann and G Tom Mac, is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who specialises in creating music for films and TV. McMahon is also the founder member of the band G TOM MAC.

Whilst McMahon has undertaken many different musical projects throughout his career, he is probably still best known by many for the gothic rock anthem "Cry Little Sister", a song which he recorded in 1987 for the soundtrack album of the cult horror film The Lost Boys.

Since McMahon has been known under a number of different names, much confusion has arisen over the years about his identity. The first

pseudonym McMahon adopted, 'Gerard McMann', was just prior to the release of his album Foreign Papers in 1986. Of this he is reported to have said: "When I would go out and do interviews on the radio or TV, it seems everybody was pronouncing my name in many different ways, except the correct way. So I thought it would make more sense to spell it out the way that is it pronounced."

"Cry Little Sister", the song McMahon performed in 1987 for the soundtrack of the film The Lost Boys was therefore credited to Gerard McMann. When his father died, he reverted to McMahon. However, since forming G Tom Mac, "Gerard Thomas MacMahon" (the correct Irish spelling of McMahon) has become known to his new audience as 'G Tom Mac'. He is also known to use this name professionally. Consequently, most of the writing and performance credits since G Tom Mac was formed in 2000 are often to be found listed under this name.

McMahon is sometimes also referred to as "G", a nickname given to him by his friend Roger Daltrey.


McMahon's song Is That You? was the first track on Kiss' Unmasked (1980). Encouraged by Billy Joel's former manager Irwin Mazur, in 1980 McMahon decided to promote his own recording career. He assembled a group of accomplished musicians – Gary Mallaber, John Massaro, Kenny Lewis and two of the musicians he had engaged for Gerard, guitarist Steve Sykes and keyboard player Al Campbell – collectively called Kid Lightning, returned to the studio and recorded the album Blue Rue. 

Invited to Los Angeles by Warner Bros. for a showcase, McMahon quickly impressed Hollywood's film elite – David Geffen, Joel Schumacher, Cameron Crowe, Jerry Bruckheimer. Already experienced in major TV commercials, McMahon began film work. McMahon wrote and recorded seven songs for film producer Jerry Bruckheimer's film Defiance. Producer Nigel Sinclair said "Gerard's a triple threat, he's a writer, he's a producer and he's a's very difficult to find someone to deliver all that."

During the '80s, McMahon wrote songs for such films as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Spring Break, All the Right Moves, The Lonely Guy, Grandview, USA and Hardbodies, among others. McMahon's next album, No Looking Back was released by Warner Bros. in 1983, after which McMahon signed with the Atlantic Records label and in 1986 released Foreign Papers. Then in 1986 with the release of the now cult smash hit horror film The Lost Boys, McMahon scored a hit with the gothic rock anthem for the film "Cry Little Sister".

McMahon recorded another album 2000 for Edge Artists. To record and promote the album, McMahon formed a new band, G TOM MAC, with bassist, songwriter and co-producer Anthony Silver. McMahon and Silver added Rodney "Cortada" Alejandro on keyboards, drummer Rob Ladd (from the band The Pressure Boys), Willy Aron (lead guitar) and Brie Darling (from the band Boxing Gandhis) on backing vocals and percussion for live performances.

In 2004 McMahon wrote the music and Eddie Kislinger wrote the lyrics for "Wicked Town", "Drop Dead Pretty", and "Was It Magic" for "Witchblade The Music", an Edge Artists soundtrack of songs from or inspired by the "Witchblade" TV series. McMahon and Kislinger are credited as Executive Producers. In 2012 the CW used "Wicked Town" in its trailer promoting "Arrow" TV series. Edge Artists posted McMahon's performance of "Wicked Town" and "Was It Magic" on YouTube. The band planned a 2008 tour to promote their second album, Thou Shalt Not Fall (2007).


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