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Friday Night Ghost Hunt

With Twilight Ghost Hunts Friday 18th October 7pm- 12am

Twilight ghost hunts will be in the Cantina all weekend providing FREE workshops discussing the paranormal, demonstrating real ghost hunting equipment, telling you all of our experiences and teaching you the ancient art of dowsing!

Start your weekend on Friday 18th October with a paranormal investigation within the exhibition centre! We will be putting you into small teams with each of the Twilight investigators, using different methods of vigils, ouija board, table tipping, spirit box, tech, sensory & energy circles and more. We will be making use of the INCREDIBLE sets that For the Love of Horror has created for you this year, including the scare maze, brilliant stage area, lost boys fairground and the famous Cantina!

Start off your weekend with a private ghost hunt and exclusive look in to the Horror set up of the Bowlers centre before anyone else.

Tickets for this are just £10 and will sell out fast, you can buy them on the website here in general entry ticket section:-