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For The Love Of Horror

2021 Photo Gallery


The third For The Love Of Horror took place in the BEC Arena in Stretford, Manchester over the weekend of the 16th-17th October 2021 and it was a huge success!


Our sellout 2021 convention was our first event back after a year and a half of lockdown and we smashed it out of the park with a Rocky Horror reunion which included the one and only Tim Curry along with Patricia Quinn, Barry Bostwick, Stephen Calcutt, and Christopher Biggins. Visitors were also treated to live Lost Boys music on stage throughout the event from the legend that it Tim Cappello and the venue featured some amazing set and prop builds including our huge Santa Carla billboard recreation, the Michael Myers house from Halloween, and Leatherface's Lair from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! As well all this we also had an amazing FREE scare maze once again that terrified everyone who went through it and a hall full of traders selling all manner of horror merch and, we didn't stop there either - there was even a fan wedding live on stage!

Our horrific live actor scare maze was, for the third year running, a huge success and provided all who dared to venture within its walls with terrifying thrills galore and we threw an after-party like no other, with live music put on for our visitors from none other than Tim Cappello of Lost Boys fame!

Check out the event photos below!

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