For the Love of Horror, a spine chilling new experience from Monopoly Events

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The Nightmare Zone

Dare you enter The Nightmare Zone? Test your nerve at our fun but scary immersive attraction only to be found at For The Love of Horror! Find yourselves deep within the unsettling realms of your favorite scary films and face-to-face with some terrifying characters!

The Nightmare Zone : ALIENS

You'll be on edge all the way as you feel trapped and claustrophobic with only the hand of a friend clutching you to keep you from turning back. But in this space no one will hear you scream as you encounter the terror that is writhing within it's darkness.

The Nightmare Zone :  FROM DUSK TILL DAWN

Be wary of who you mix with, these dancers are un'DEAD' good, you'd better be quick and better be quiet ... as the creatures of the night are ravenous, their thirst for blood knowing no bounds, stripping the flesh from the bones of those who get mesmerized by their stare and stay too long.


I hope you have clean underwear for what lies ahead in this little woodland camp site from hell? Feel your heart pounding and the adrenaline rush as something so terrifying is unleashed you'll want to close your eyes and shout for your mummy!


The Nightmare Zone :  THE EXORCIST

Something evil, something beyond human comprehension lays in wait at this most unholy of places, ready to devour the soul of those unlucky enough to pass by. Will you see the light or will the dark entity take you?

The Nightmare Zone : the DOLLS

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, where there is no soul there is no emotion, time has stood still for these malevolent one's.... you really shouldn't have woken them from slumber but alas it's too late for you now!

The Nightmare Zone : HOSTEL

With a disgusting scene of depravity, violence, sacrifice and torture so beyond your comprehension you might just lose your mind as you witness first hand Flesh, Blood, Bone, Gore and Guts ripped and torn out from poor unwilling victims. Their chilling screams will echo through your head for many a sleepless night to come.

The Nightmare Zone :  IT

There's something not quite right in the underground realm of Pennywise the clown but your laughter will soon stop as you come face to face with a nightmare so abhorrent I.T. will bring a tear to your eye and a clench to your cheeks.

The Nightmare Zone :  THE WALKING DEAD

As the fear intensifies within you, your heart beats faster you'll enter the fearful passage of The Walking Dead but watch out for the crumbling walls as these rotting corpses are sure to rise, you certainly won't be walking for long that's for sure. 

Zombie Outbreak

If you're lucky enough to survive the nightmare zone why not shoot your way through flesh hungry hordes of the undead in our special live action Zombie Outbreak shoot em up attraction too! You can shoot zombies with real airsoft guns!

Please note that these attractions are only for the brave. Minimum age limit of 11 years old, 11 - 16 year olds must be accompanied by a participating adult. Areas may contain scenes of simulated gore and peril, strobe lighting, areas of darkness, mist and fog effects, uneven surfaces, tactile's, crawl and confined spaces (in areas), sound and smell special effects. Certain areas (crawlspace etc) are not suitable for wheelchair users, however routes are available to accommodate this.